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Ultimate Roundup® FAQs

Nov 29, 2019

Roundup® is one of Canada’s longest serving and most versatile herbicides. Farmers love it for it’s consistent, powerful performance against the widest spectrum of weeds. But as familiar as it is to growers, agronomists and the like, how much do you really know? Here’s a collection of FAQs you may find quite interesting.

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The Benefits of Flexible Roundup Rates

May 6, 2019

Spray season can be a stressful, frustrating and exhausting time for farmers. And if the weather isn’t cooperating or equipment breakdowns occur, the challenges are compounded.

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Setting Big Canola Yield Goals

Apr 12, 2019

As a producer chasing big canola yields this year, you’ll need to carefully consider a lot of moving parts – both in your fields and as part of your farm management plan – to make it happen.

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