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Our next generation canola traits designed to undercut weed pressure offer greater flexibility and weed control options fit for any acre. Maximize your yield potential with our lineup of leading canola trait technologies.
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TruFlex® Canola

TruFlex® canola gives you greater flexibility for your growing conditions with a broader application window and application rate*. TruFlex® canola delivers exceptional broad-spectrum weed control, giving you cleaner fields for an easier, smoother harvest and higher yield potential.

*Than our current technology.

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TruFlex® LibertyLink® canola

TruFlex® LibertyLink® canola is designed for farmers who want to use all the tools available to them, with the ability to select their herbicide options depending on the weed spectrum in their fields. With this innovative canola trait, you get the benefit of the weed control provides by both Roundup and Liberty branded herbicides.

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Roundup Ready® Canola

Roundup Ready® canola helps you tackle tough weeds – like cleavers and wild buckwheat – while delivering strong yield potential.

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Technology Use Guide

Concise source of technical information about our current portfolio of biotechnology-derived crops and crop protection products.

Flea Beetle Management In Canola

Flea beetles are the scourge of any canola grower. They attack when canola plants are at their most vulnerable in the first few weeks after emergence – a time when you’re also likely to be busy seeding other fields, so getting back to spray them can be a challenge.

Take Your TruFlex Canola To The Max

Looking to gain more flexibility on the farm? With its flexible application window and spray rates, Bayer’s TruFlex canola with Roundup Ready® Technology is the perfect tool for early weed control and higher yield potential.

A New Peace Of Mind With BUTEO start

In April of 2019, Krista Anderson found a flea beetle in her hair. "In April! In Saskatoon!" she laughs. It’s funny, but it’s also a telling sign of how the life patterns of this insect are changing.

Dealing With Volunteer Canola

"One of the big misconceptions out there is that all volunteer canola is Roundup Ready®, but it’s not," says Chris Hansen, a market development representative with Bayer in Carseland, Alberta.

Damon Schaefer, Meota, SK | Canola

Follow a Field is a video series following Canadian canola and soybean growers and their experiences on the field. Introducing Damon Schaefer from Meota, SK, a TruFlex canola with Roundup Ready® Technology grower.

Ultimate Roundup® FAQs

Roundup® is one of Canada’s longest serving and most versatile herbicides. Farmers love it for it’s consistent, powerful performance against the widest spectrum of weeds. But as familiar as it is to growers, agronomists and the like, how much do you really know? Here’s a collection of FAQs you may find quite interesting.

TruFlex Canola Overview | Superior Weed Control. Higher Yield Potential

TruFlex canola with Roundup Ready® Technology provides enhanced weed control and greater flexibility in spray rates and timing for maximum yield potential.

Roundup Application Myths Busted

To get the best performance and the most bang for your herbicide buck, take a moment to refresh your Roundup knowledge.

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