Improved Weed Control

TruFelx Canola weed comparison chart

The TruFlex canola with Roundup Ready® Technology system controls both annual weeds and tough-to-control perennials:

  • Dandelion: Helps to enable season-long control
  • Foxtail barley: Allows for 99% control
  • Wild buckwheat: Allows for control of large plants past the six-leaf stage with Roundup WeatherMAX®
    herbicide at a rate of approximately 1 L/ac. and large buckwheat (past six-leaf) at a rate of 1.33 L/ac.
TruFlex Canola weed controller comparison chart

Control 24 additional weed species with TruFlex canola with Roundup Ready® Technology

Being able to apply Roundup WeatherMAX® herbicide in-crop at 0.67 L/ac. for two applications or 1.33 L/ac. for a single application allows for the control of 24 additional weed species compared to the Roundup Ready® canola system, including yellow foxtail, biennial wormwood and common milkweed.