Driving Innovation

Facing New Challenges

We're working hard to develop and deliver products that make farmers more productive and more profitable.

From regional challenges to broad global concerns, our research is driven by the need to increase productivity and reduce input costs. The agricultural issues of today provide opportunities for technology to benefit farmers and the land they farm.

Underlying our R&D leadership is a culture of teamwork and collaboration, within the company and outside. Monsanto has more than 3,900 active agreements with more than 1,500 entities in the private and public sector around the world. We are the partner of choice for companies large and small, as well as numerous academic institutions.

Upcoming products could significantly improve yield potential for farmers by helping protect their crops against the devastation caused by diseases, drought, pests and weeds.

And by increasing yields, we can help improve on-farm productivity—allowing farmers to meet the growing need for food, feed and fuel.