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PRIDE A6535G8 Genuity® SmartStax® with its superior genetics and both above and below ground insect protection is my choice of hybrid.

Ian Foster - Aylmer, Ontario

Genuity® SmartStax®, PRIDE G8 and the PRIDE 1 Bag system has made our planting operation as efficient as it can be. Excellent plant health and grain quality are key factors for our dairy herd and harvestability is phenomenal. We try hard to maximize out hours in the field and in the barn. PRIDE Seeds G8 Genuity® SmartStax® 1 Bag solution is a big part of how we succeed at that.

Randy & Andrew Spoelstra - Binbrook, Ontario

Planting Genuity® SmartStax® corn allows me to grow 95% of the hybrid that I want and I only need to plant 5% refuge. The great thing about Genuity® SmartStax® is that the 5% refuge comes mixed in the bag. This saves me time in the spring and gives me added yield because I'm only planting 5% refuge not 20%. It's a very simple solution and at the same time allows me to be refuge compliant.

Norm Tinkler - Inkerman, Ontario

I was very pleased with PRIDE A653568 Genuity® SmartStax®. I got very uniform emergence in my minimum till program. Plant health was superb all season long. With Outstanding yield, this hybrid has found a home on my farm.

Kerry Lunn - Thamesville, Ontario

I was very impressed by the Thunder Genuity® Roundup Ready 2 Yield® varieties we grew this year. Pod height was higher that I have ever seen before, there were more pods per plant, and more beans per pod!

Chris Ens - Reinlland, Manitoba

The new Thunder Genuity® Roundup Ready 2 Yield® soybeans pod higher off the ground that the first generation of Roundup Ready® soybeans, which contributes to the higher yield at harvest!

Patrick Fabian - Tilley, Alberta

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