Bayer is firmly committed to its legal, ethical and moral obligation to ensure that its products and technologies are safe and environmentally responsible. Bayer demonstrates this commitment through Product Stewardship.

Product Stewardship efforts at Bayer are supported by the industry-wide efforts of organizations like Excellence Through Stewardship®, an affiliate of the Biotechnology Industry Organizations (BIO), the Canadian Seed Trade Association (CSTA) and the Canadian Corn Pest Coalition (CCPC).

To ensure farmers reap all the benefits of its products, Bayer:

  1. Explains and promotes proper and responsible use of its products
  2. Manages product identity, integrity and quality
  3. Meets or exceeds all government, industry and self-imposed regulations and approvals
  4. Manages market impacts associated with product introduction
  5. Continues stewardship of products in the marketplace 

Technology Use Guide

The Technology Use Guide (TUG) provides a concise source of technical information about Bayer's current portfolio of technology products, and sets forth the requirements and guidelines for the use of these products. As a user of Bayer technology, it is important that you are familiar with and follow certain management practices. Please read all of the information pertaining to the technology you will be using, including stewardship and related information.

Technology Use Guide