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TruFlex® canola gives you greater flexibility for your growing conditions with a broader application window and application rate than our current technology. TruFlex canola delivers exceptional broad-spectrum weed control, giving you cleaner fields for an easier, smoother harvest and higher yield potential.

Improved Control of Tough Weeds

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Experience more effective and consistent control of tough weeds like foxtail barley, wild buckwheat and dandelion with TruFlex canola.

Flexible Spray Rates and Timing

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With TruFlex canola, the application window extends past the six-leaf stage all the way to first flower*, giving you 10-14 more spray days than Roundup Ready® canola.

*First flower is when 50% of the plants in the field have no more than one flower.

Higher Yield Potential

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New genetics have packed a lot of yield potential into each TruFlex canola seed. New advances in trait technology helps to enable better weed control and crop safety compared to Roundup Ready canola. It’s a combination that could give more yield potential at harvest time.

System Benefits

Illustration showing optimal spray timing for maximum yield potential. Shows four stages (pre-seed, cotyledon, 2-leaf and 4-leaf) with the optimal two stages (cotyledon and 2-leaf) as the best stages to treat at 0.67 L/ac..

Get the most from your TruFlex Canola

To maximize your results, spray your first application of Roundup WeatherMAX® at 0.67 L/ac. between cotyledon and two-leaf stage. Applying the 0.67 L/ac. rate at this stage provides clean fields in the critical weed-free period, which is key to achieving strong stand establishment. This sets your crop up for the best start possible and helps it achieve its maximum yield potential.

If another treatment is required, you have the flexibility to go in again with another application of Roundup WeatherMAX at 0.67 L/ac. up to first flower*. If spring weather doesn’t cooperate or you experience delays, use one application of Roundup WeatherMAX at 1.33 L/ac. up to the six leaf stage.

*First flower is when 50% of the plants in the field have no more than one flower.

Application Requirements


Following the recommended herbicide application rates and timing will set your canola crop up for maximum yield potential. For more information on optimal spray rates and timing for TruFlex canola, please review the rate sheet.
Illustration showing product application window to achieve optimal results. Cotyledon and 2-leaf stages is the optimal spray timing for maximum yield potential at 0.67 L/ac. If required, a second spraying of 0.67 L/ac. can be applied at 2-leaf through to 1st flower stages. An alternative single spraying at 1.33 L/ac. can be applied at stages from cotyledon through to 6-leaf.



Being able to apply Roundup WeatherMAX® herbicide in-crop at 0.67 L/ac. for two applications or 1.33 L/ac. for a single application allows for the control of 24 additional weed species compared to the Roundup Ready canola system, including yellow foxtail, biennial wormwood and common milkweed.
Diagram showing 24 additional number of weed species controlled by TrueFlex canola (51 weed species controlled) vs. Roundup Ready Canola (27 weed species controlled).
Herbicide is applied at full labelled rates.
Source: Bayer Market Development Research Trials 2009-2012.
Chart comparing TrueFlex canola and Roundup Ready Canola on the ability to control annuals and tough perennials where TruFlex canola provides more effective and consistent control.


TruFlex canola provides more effective and consistent control of both annual and tough-to-control perennial weeds.

  • Dandelions: Helps enable season-long control
  • Foxtail barley: Allows for 99% control
  • Wild buckwheat: Allows for control of large plants past the six-leaf stage with Roundup WeatherMAX at a rate of approximately 1 L/ac. and large buckwheat (past six-leaf) at a rate of 1.33 L/ac.


TruFlex canola is built on new genetics to deliver higher yield potential compared to our current technology. Protecting that potential requires not only effective weed control, but crop safety. Being able to apply Roundup WeatherMAX up to first flower* with sequential rates of 0.67 L/ac. gives you more flexibility to manage your in-crop applications and reduces yield penalty relative to the Roundup Ready canola system.

Field trials were conducted to test potential crop injury from spraying off-label on Roundup Ready canola. The research confirmed that spraying canola above the recommended rates or outside the application window was costing farmers three bushels per acre or more in yield**.

*First flower is when 50% of the plants in the field have no more than one flower.
**Source: Bayer Market Development Research Trials 2009-2012.
Example field trials image comparing the results of TrueFlex Canola (right, healthier crop) with Roudnup Ready Canola (left).

Crop Control Options

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Roundup WeatherMAX® Herbicide

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Effective Against

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Weeds Controlled

The TruFlex canola system allows for the control of 51 weed species, 24 more weed species than the Roundup Ready canola system.
  • Biennial wormwood
  • Cleavers
  • Dandelion
  • Foxtail barley
  • Wild buckwheat
  • Yellow foxtail


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