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Our advanced trait technologies deliver broad-spectrum protection against yield-robbing pests, maximizing your yield potential and helping you get the most from every acre of corn. Whether you’re looking for a new standard in protection against targeted above- or below-ground pests, there is a corn trait for every farmer’s unique needs.
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Trecepta® RIB Complete® Corn

Trecepta® RIB Complete® corn combines the power of three unique modes of action for broad-spectrum control of above-ground feeding pests, including Western bean cutworm.

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SmartStax® PRO with RNAi Technology Corn

SmartStax® PRO with RNAi Technology is the next generation of corn rootworm control. The trusted benefits of SmartStax® Technology intertwined with new RNAi-based mode of action offers exceptional crop protection.

SmartStax® RIB Complete® Corn logo

SmartStax® RIB Complete® Corn

SmartStax® RIB Complete® corn blend delivers two modes of action for corn rootworm proven to provide the broadest spectrum of defense in your field and the most complete protection for your yield.

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VT Double PRO® RIB Complete® Corn

VT Double PRO® RIB Complete® corn delivers advanced protection with dual modes of action against above-ground pests that can inflict serious crop damage.

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Technology Use Guide

Concise source of technical information about our current portfolio of biotechnology-derived crops and crop protection products.

What To Do About Western Bean Cutworm In Corn

While not native to Canada, the Western bean cutworm (WBC) has certainly made itself at home here. Originating in the Great Plains region of the U.S., it was first found in Ontario in 2008 and appeared in the Maritimes around 2017. WBC is primarily a pest of corn and dry beans, and tends to leave soybeans alone.

Is Continuous Corn Production Possible?

The short answer is yes. But if you’re thinking about continuous corn, you definitely need to know what you’re getting into first.

What To Do About Corn Rootworm

It used to be that growers could rely almost entirely on Bt corn hybrids to protect against corn rootworm (CRW) damage. Sadly, Bt-resistant CRW populations have already been found in Ontario, and Quebec may not be far behind. So it’s time to step things up a notch in terms of CRW scouting and prevention.

Root Digs: How To Assess Corn Rootworm Damage

So you laid out your sticky traps last season and it turns out you have a corn rootworm (CRW) problem this season. Now what?

Trecepta® RIB Complete® Corn Overview | Get Cleaner Ears With Broad-Spectrum Pest Control

Trecepta® technology combines the power of three different modes of action for broad-spectrum control of above-ground feeding pests, including Western Bean Cutworm.

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