Roundup Ready® Sugarbeets

Roundup Ready® Sugarbeets
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Roundup Ready Sugarbeets

Get unsurpassed broad spectrum weed control and excellent crop safety

Roundup Ready® sugarbeet varieties contain in-plant tolerance to Roundup® agricultural herbicides for unsurpassed broad-spectrum weed control and excellent crop safety at all growth stages. 

Trait Features:

Unsurpassed broad-spectrum weed control

Roundup WeatherMAX® herbicide can be applied from planting up to 30 days prior to harvest. In addition to the wide application window, Roundup agricultural herbicides have no carryover or crop rotation restrictions and work without soil incorporation.

Get your crops off to their best start

To limit weed competition, it is critical to control weeds when they are small, never permitting them to exceed the height of the sugarbeet crop. To get your crops off to the best start, just remember: 2-2-22.

When you see either two-inch weeds or two-leaf sugarbeets, it’s time for a broader application of a minimum of 22 oz. (0.65 litres) per acre of Roundup WeatherMAX®.

Subsequent applications should be made before weeds reach four inches in height, as sugarbeet seedlings are extremely vulnerable to weed competition.