Get the most out of your TruFlex canola

To maximize your results, spray the first application of 0.67 L/ac. between cotyledon and two leaf stage. This sets your crop up for the best start possible and helps it achieve its maximum yield potential. If another treatment is required, you have the flexibility to go in again with another application of 0.67 L/ac. up to first flower. If spring weather doesn’t cooperate or you experience delays, use one application of 1.33 L/ac. up to six leaf stage.

For more information on optimal spray rates and timing for TruFlex canola, please review the rate sheet.

Get 10-14 more spray days at in-crop

TruFlex canola’s window of glyphosate application now extends past the six-leaf stage all the way to the first flower. That gives you 10-14 more spray days than the current technology.

Choose the rate you need for your weed spectrum

TruFlex canola lets you apply Roundup WeatherMAX® in-crop at 0.67 L/ac. for two applications or 1.33 L/ac. for a single application, so you can choose the right rate for the unique weed challenges on your farm.

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