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Greg Smith - Oakbank, MB

Introducing Greg Smith from Oakbank, MB, a Roundup Ready® Xtend Crop System grower.

Pre-emergent spray

Watch as Greg does a pre-emergent application of XtendiMax and Roundup Transorb® on his 1,000 acres of Roundup Ready 2 Xtend® soybeans.

Mid-season check in

With a challenging season, "the activity from the XtendiMax was actually quite good. It stopped a lot of broadleaf weeds from coming through. The field stayed relatively clean," says Greg.

End of Season Check In

Greg reflects on this year's growing season. "My plan for next year is that we're going to be using the Xtend platform on a good portion of our acres once again. I've very satisfied with the performance I've seen out of the system and we'll be using it going forward," says the Manitoba grower.

Pierre Brault - Sainte Martine, QC

Introducing Pierre Brault, a Quebec soybean grower using the Roundup Ready® Xtend Crop System.


Pierre recounts a difficult start to the season. "Green foxtail, giant foxtail and fall panicum are the weeds that affect my fields the most…If we have a field that has had difficult weeds to manage, we’ll use the XtendiMax technology in that field because it’s more efficient," says Pierre.

Mid-season check in

Pierre speaks to his mid-growing season experiences: "Our herbicide program has worked really well. The first pass of Roundup® was done early, and we had lots of time to do our second pass with the Roundup and XtendiMax®," states Pierre.


Pierre was excited to hop on the combine to harvest his soybean field. "I'm happy because the fields are really clean. That gives us a chance to harvest in the best conditions," says Pierre.